Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dedication EP

This CD is dedicated to the memory of Sandra Boland 3/1/79 - 4/11/97.
See Comments for track list.


Narc said...

Track list

1. It's Alright - Sunstone
2. Laughter Lines - Sack
3. Chains - Aslan
4. Dance To Your Persauasion - Brilliant Trees

Sunstone formed as a band , relaesed one track and then broke up. I have no idea what any of them are doing now but this is a super track and its a shame they didnt stick together and make some more!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jay, good choice! yeah its a pity sunstone are not together. The drummer (ciaran) went on to a band called the rags but is now in The Distractors ...also brill - check them out!

Anonymous said...

Ciaran was the Guitar player, he played drums for The Brilliant Trees farewell gig in the Village, now he plays with The Distractors, His video is on YouTube..
It called Last Stand, The Rags are also there, Razors and Ropes.

Narc said...

howdy,, thanks for the info, I saw the rags play one night in The Village with a few other bands, a good gig all round, Pity about the Brilliant Trees eh,, do you think they will ever do another gig???