Sunday, September 2, 2007

Blur - Parklife

Remember this seemed like a big deal?

BBC 1 6 O’Clock News, August 14th 1995

JOHN HUMPHREYS: Two of Britain's most popular pop groups have begun the biggest chart war in over 30 years. The Manchester band “Oasis” and their arch-rivals “Blur” have both released new singles today, each hoping to reach the number one spot next week. The music industry hasn't seen anything like it since The Beatles fought it out with The Rolling Stones in the 60s. Clive Myrie reports.


Anonymous said...

The Album in question in 1995 was The Great Escape. Parklife came out in '94, and was Blur's big comeback which rode on the heels of the Pet Shop Boy's remix of "Girls & Boys" causing the press to hail the return of the "all new Blur."

Narc said...

Im afraid I just put the two (year & album) together based on memory, just goes to show my memory needs a service , I wasnt that big a fan, cheers!