Thursday, September 6, 2007

Damien Dempsey - Seize The Day

" Shane McGowan loves the Dublin town
I drank with him once and woke up on the ground
Maybe some day we'll meet up
And do brunch somewhere and a shandy too" - Jar Song


Adrian said...

Re. best Irish band: I ticked other, where were the Plague Monkeys, The Jimmy Cake, Tychonaut and Kila? There have been great Irish bands in the last decade, but none in the sphere of mainstream rock.

Narc said...

I know, I could have put 30 on the list. I included Therapy? as a bit of an expierment to see if many people like them because I dont know many that do, yet they seem to do well. I have heard Kila and Tychonaut but not the other two. Ill check them out. In the Fionn Regan comments box there are links to lots of Irish bands past and present, you might see something you lke, cheers.