Monday, September 10, 2007

Competition Answer

OK , The mystery band are "Mocking Bird". They were formed in Dublin around about 15 years ago but split I think some time in the early 90's. I have not seen any information about them on the net and any links would be appreciated!

For those of you who like the song Super Human Being just click.

I hope to get some more material soon, Ill keep ya posted!

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Anonymous said...

Hi...GG here. I searched and searched and search the net for ANYTHING related to Mocking Bird and, through a bizarre series of links, came to find out that Mocking Bird's guitarist was Ken Burke.

More searching ensured and I found a myspace page for a Ken Burke from Dublin who sounded kinda like the superhumanbeing voice. I sent him a message and he wrote back that he was in a band called mockin' bird and he wrote superhumanbeing, but that had never released anything?

Perhaps this came from some unathorized release? Either way, I'd love to get my hands on it.

Apprently, Ken has a CD out called "Middle Child Sydrome," some songs from which are on his myspace page. I re-messaged him asking where I could get THAT CD, since it sounds pretty good.

If I find it, I'll share it for all to enjoy! Peace.