Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Cake Sale

All profits from The Cake Sale go to Oxfam Ireland in support of their Make Trade Fair Campaign and their overseas programme work.
See Comments for Artists involved


Narc said...

The Cake Sale are Rob Bochnic, Ollie Cole, Brian Crosby, Conor Deasy, Dave Geraghty, Emm Gryner, Lisa Hannon, Glen Hansard, Gemma Hayes, Graham Hopkins, Kevin Horan, Colm Mac Ion Ionmaire, Padraic MaMahon, Gary Lightbody, Matt Lunson, Paul Noonan, Nina Persson, Dominic Phillips, Damien Rice, Kevin Rice, Daniel Ryan and Nick Seymour.

Fuzzy Crew said...

Hi, if you post your updates on Fuzzy, please post only your last updates. If you post them there every day that is the updates from one day and not everything posted the last week or so.


Narc said...

Ok no probs, I was only adding in a few from the previous days that people might have missed but its grand Ill keep it shorter.